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Powerful, Complex, Spicy

Co-created with the legendary Cuban cigar master blender Don Alejandro ROBAINA to offer the perfect match to cigar aficionados, XO Pinar del Rio is a unique and exclusive blend, crafted from old and rare eaux-de-vie from Maison GAUTIER’s Paradise Cellar. The oldest one is 45 years old.

It is composed of the power of Fins Bois, and the fruity aromas from Petite Champagne and Grande Champagne.

ABV : 41,2% vol.

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Tasting notes

Gautier Pinar del Rio XO offers an extraordinary aromatic power with strong oaky notes and orange hints. A powerful and intense blend revealing spicy and oaky aromas, and expressing the generosity of dried fruits.



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The perfect serve

Pinar del Rio is an intense cognac that is best enjoyed neat, and ideally with a good cigar as it unveils powerful aromas in the mouth while respecting the cigar’s character.