Tasting a good Cognac fully satisfies three senses : sight, smell and taste.
First comes the sight, your eyes plunging into the inimitable amber depth, smoothness, clarity and brightness of the Cognac. Then, the smell comes in play. Bring your nose gently over your glass, and you will detect the first volatile notes of the Cognac. Then, turn your glass slightly to oxygenate the Cognac – this is when the full aromas are released. You can distinguish floral or fruity notes. This is called the “second nose”.
Finally, the taste should confirm your first impressions. The Cognac reveals its full identity on contact with the tongue and the palate: its roundness, mellowness, smoothness, finesse, lightness, astringency, harmony. All sensations that allow you to recognize and appreciate your favourite Cognac.
The aromas of a good Cognac persist a long time in the mouth.
We recommend using a snifter or a tulip glass for Cognac tasting, because it gathers the aromas. The glass should only be 1/5 full, leaving room for the aromas to fully develop. There is not really any need to warm the Cognac in the palm of your hand if it is served at room temperature.
The aromas of a good Cognac persist a long time in the mouth.


Enjoying a good cigar with an XO Cognac is a rare moment that Cognac and cigar aficionados will particularly appreciate.
For this special occasion, we have created an exceptional XO Cognac – intense, powerful and generous, allowing to preserve all the aromas of the Cognac on the palate while respecting the character of each cigar – the PINAR DEL RIO.
To be enjoyed pure, in little sips, with your favourite cigar !
Cigar and XO Cognac,
a rare moment


When a Cognac bottle is opened, the presence of air in the bottle will cause micro-oxidation, which over time can transform the perception of the aromatic range.
To preserve all the integrity and richness of the aromas in a Cognac once the bottle is opened, we recommend extracting the air from the bottle and sealing it using a pump system (similar to the wine vacuum pumps).
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