It is in Maison GAUTIER’s “Paradise Cellar” that the miracle occurs, when our Cellar Master chooses to blend rare eaux-de-vie from the oldest reserves, that have until now been slowly maturing in isolation. She realizes that she is the holder of a divine blend, of an unequalled aromatic complexity.


This unique Cognac carries the name “EDEN” to reflect its divine aromatique richness.

EDEN rests in a silent hideaway in oak barrels. This peaceful repose in the humid atmosphere of the Maison GAUTIER’s cellars has allowed the various eaux-de-vie to reach a unique richness and find their place in this prodigious blend.

EDEN is presented in a decanter with pure lines, with an elegantly etched medallion depicting Adam and Eve. Each decanter is numbered. The display case is crafted from teak, a precious dark brown wood from Burma, with a special guilloche decoration.

Tasting notes

Deep amber colour. Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Fins Bois for length, elegance and structure respectively. Elegant and intense bouquet of candied fruits, a tang of bitter orange wrapped in divinely sweet honey. Spicy, woody notes, with hints of candied and grilled fruit for the endnote.

Perfect serve

EDEN is a rare, prodigious and complex blend of the oldest reserves from “Chai Paradis” of the Maison GAUTIER, to be enjoyed pure, at room temperature.