GAUTIER XO is a powerful blend of old eaux-de-vie, some of which come from or "Paradise Cellar" where the oldest and most precious Cognac eaux-de-vie are kept. Generous in the mouth, it offers a splendid and persistent length on the palate, which is so characteristic of old Cognacs.


WCA 2015

XO from Maison GAUTIER has been recognized as the “WORLD’S BEST COGNAC” at World Cognac Awards 2015 and won the “Outstanding Gold” medal at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in 2015.

Tasting notes

A golden amber colour. A rich and harmonious blend of old eaux-de-vie, combining intense aromas of candied fruits, cinnamon and toasted bread, with subtle floral notes. Generous and smooth in the mouth, it offers a beautiful length on the palate.

Perfect serve

XO from Maison GAUTIER is an intense cognac, with particularly rich aromas that are best enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or even with sparkling water.